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Green Brother's Collection
Masters of the Xyophone

This amazing limited edition collection of the Green Brothers xylophone music includes six CDs of recorded masterpieces of these great xylophone virtuosos.  The complete set contains the following performances that were recorded between 1916 and 1939. All were digitally re-mastered to obtain the best fidelity possible for these treasured vintage recordings.
The collection is only $49.95 plus ($5 S&H in the USA or $9.00 S&H outside the USA).
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Also available for only
$15 plus $3.00 (S&H)

Green’s New Novelty Orchestra
Featuring: Ian Finkel
on the Xylophone

With: Lew Green, cornet; Mary Green, piano; Vince Giordano, bass sax, tuba, string bass; Arnie Kinsella, drums; Dan Levinson, sax; Dan Block, Sax; Herb Gardner, trombone, John Gill, guitar; Mike Peters, banjo. Mary Murfitt, violin.